Marcus Rashford’s Early Life, Family, Career, Networth/Earnings, Relationship, Style Of Play, Football Stats, And More

Marcus Rashford's Early Life
Name Marcus Rashford MBE
Date of birth  October 31, 1997
Age 25 years
Nationality United Kingdom
Partner Lucia Loi
Occupation Professional Footballer
Club Manchester United FC
Position Forward
Height/Weight 5’11″/152Ibs

Rashford’s Early Life

Marcus Rashford MBE is an English professional footballer born on October 31, 1997. Being an Englishman, he plays as a forward for both the England National Team and Manchester United Fc.

Marcus Rashford went to Ashton-on-Mersey School, a secondary school where Manchester United takes its youth players in Ashton Mersey, Greater Manchester, England. Rashford attended Ashton College to pursue a National Diploma in Sport from the Business and Technology Education Council.

Rashford grew up in Greater Manchester. He was raised in the rough neighborhood of Wythenshawe.  He has two sisters and two brothers.  Marcus Rashford also has a step-sister with the same father, but a different mother.


Rashford’s Parents and Family

Marcus Rashford’s parents are Robert and Melanie Rashford. Marcus Rashford was brought up by his mother, a single mother.  She had to become a   full-time cashier at Ladbrokes on minimum wage, just to cater to her five little kids.

His mother, Melanie Rashford, always scolded him for his football obsession and advised him to be careful not to damage anything in the house. Rashford’s father, who was also a coach at the local club Fletcher Moss Rangers, urged his son to join the team after observing his son’s passion for football.


Rashford’s Career

Without wasting any time, he established himself as a key player in United’s young squad. He quickly improved and eventually saw himself get into made the U-18 squad’s first team.

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Coach Robin Van Gaal selected Marcus Rashford for the first team of Manchester United in November 2015. Anthony Martial was injured and was so Rashford got added to the United team for the match against Midtjylland in the Europa Round of 32. He scored a brace in that match, which made him the club’s youngest Europa League scorer, a record he kept up until the 2019–2020 season.

Rashford's Career

In August 2018, Rashford took the #10 jersey when Zlatan Ibrahimovic left the team. In September, he scored his first goal of the next campaign. As he kept up his stellar play, he soon won both the Manchester United Player of the Month and Goal of the Month awards for January 2019 when his lone goal helped United defeat Tottenham Hotspurs.


Rashford’s Networth

Marcus Rashford’s net worth is reportedly estimated to be $80 million.

The last time Rashford signed a contract extension with Manchester United, it was for a 4-year contract that saw him earning $57,000,000. The contract also included an average annual salary of $14,400,000. He got a salary of £10.4 million in just 2019 alone

The Manchester United forward increases his net worth through endorsement deals, football contracts, and ventures. For instance, McDonald’s and Nike have sponsorship and endorsement agreements with Rashford.


Rashford’s Relationship

As of 2023, Rashford is dating Lucia Loi. Marcus Rashford has had the gorgeous fiancée at his side since the age of 15 years old. She attended the University of Manchester and graduated with a degree in business.

Even during the World Cup last year, Lucia made sure that she encouraged him as she cheered from the stands. Rashford even confirmed the engagement to fiancée Lucia Loi in May 2022.

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Rashford’s Religion

Marcus Rashford is a Christian. The England forward was born into a Christian family, on a Halloween day.  Marcus is a genius, so it makes sense—he was a little boy whose approachable nature subsequently shocked the world.


Rashford’s Age

Marcus Rashford was born on October 31, 1997. As of 2023,  He is  25 years old.

Rashford’s Style of Play

Rashford plays in the forward positions for both Manchester United FC and England. He is renowned for his athleticism, calmness, and attacking abilities.

Rashford's Style of Play

Rashford’s Football Stats

Marcus Rashford has a shooting percentage accuracy of 66.67%. He shoots twice per 90 minutes on the field and with every four shots, he scores a  goal.

When it comes to his passing, Rashford passes the ball approximately 23.82 times per game, with a pass completion percentage of 76.92%. Additionally, he makes 0.78% of vital passes in each game,  creating a lot of opportunities for his teammates to score goals. Rashford produces 0.16 expected assists per 90 minutes on average.


Rashford’s Discipline

  • Yellow Cards – 2
  • Red Cards – 0
  • Minutes Per Booking – 810 min per card.
  • Fouls Committed – 8
  • Fouled Against – 13


Rashford’s Play at International Level

Rashford received an invitation to an England under-16 training camp in 2012, and he was later chosen to compete in the Victory Shield matches against Wales under-16s in October.  Later, the under-16 team manager Kenny Swain disclosed that Rashford only had two outings for the team due to an agreement with Manchester United coaches’ concerns about his physical underdevelopment.

Rashford received demands to represent England at UEFA Euro 2016 as a result of his exploits in his first senior season. Both England manager Roy Hodgson and Manchester United youth coach Nicky Butt rejected these requests, saying they were premature and might be detrimental to the player’s career and that Rashford should be left to “grow in peace.”

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Rashford's Play at International Level

In May 2016, Rashford became the first English football player score a goal in his debut senior international game. Since then, he has participated in two UEFA European Championships: in 2016, when he was the competition’s youngest player, and in 2020, when England emerged as runners-up to the Italian National Team. Additionally, he has competed for England in the FIFA World Cups of 2018 and 2022.


Rashford’s Honours and Awards

Marcus Rashford’s awards are as follows:

  • 1x Europa League winner
  • 1x English FA Cup winner
  • 1x English League Cup winner
  • 1x English Super Cup winner
  • 1x Footballer of the Year
  • 1x Silver Boot


Rashford’s Height and Weight

Marcus Rashford’s height is 5′ 11″. The forward for Manchester United is 70 kilograms.


Rashford’s Fights Against Racism

Aside from football, M Rashfords strives to see how he could put an end to racism, homelessness, and childhood hunger in the United Kingdom. Rashford has won accolades for using his profile to promote philanthropy and political activism to affect societal change. He has been widely praised for his efforts, recognized for them by organizations both inside and outside of his football spells, and the subject of a mural in Withington created by street artist Akse.

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